When I did these three online courses, my personal growth sky-rocketed

The internet is the most empowering tool; here’s how you can use it for personal growth

Personal growth
source: canva.com
  1. Anger management: We spend most of our lives being angry, and the sad truth is that we don’t even realise it. We get upset that our partner doesn’t change that one habit that ticks us off or that our boss doesn’t appreciate our work as much. Let’s not forget that a*****e who cuts us off while driving or when we used to drive thanks to the pandemic. Yes, news about the pandemic pisses us off, too; news, in general, pisses people off. How dare the politicians lie to us! How dare the hospital infrastructure not be ready! All of this deserves a bunch of four-lettered colourful words. It makes us feel great momentarily but, then again, the cycle starts. I, too, was a victim of anger without realising it. It held me back in so many ways; I could not use opportunities that came my way because I was sensitive to criticism, thanks to my anger issues. My relationships suffered because I held on to grudges until someone suggested that I understand my anger and work on it. I did the anger management workshop at the Heart-to-Heart Counselling Centre in India, and needless to say, it helped me understand my triggers and manage them better. Now, life is a bit better (not the best, I still lose my shit over sexist comments)
  2. Art Therapy: Modern life has given us a lot more than our ancestors could have imagined, but now, the problem is that our primal bodies are stuck in concrete jungles. No longer do we have to run and hide from predators who will rip us into pieces and enjoy us for dinner or the neighbouring cave clan that is violent. No, we are under threat from our landlord whenever the month’s rent is due, and there’s no running away and hiding for this one. As a result, we get stressed and anxious. So how do you safeguard yourself from something that isn’t visible? That’s where adding art therapy to your daily routine can help. The techniques employed under Art Therapy can help you cope with your stress and anxiety and release your pent-up emotions. It can also help you self-actualise and leave you feeling calmer. Now, if you just want to include a couple of exercises in your daily routine and learn about the field, the art therapy course offered by the Centre of Excellence is excellent!
  3. Mindfulness meditation: If you want to move forward in your life, it’s important to look backwards and reflect on how you can change, and mindfulness meditation is here for that. It has helped me reflect on who I am and figure out what I need to work on. Besides, it helps me focus on my breathing, and that brings me peace. So to sum it up, mindfulness meditation is great for self-reflection, inner peace, and gratitude. There are thousands of apps and courses available on mindfulness meditation on the internet but, what worked for me was the beginners guided meditation course on Headspace. Another suggestion would be to become a member of Waking Up, a meditation app developed by Sam Harris. He offers a need-based free membership for a year.